Google Chrome is one of the very reliable browsers in the market. However, at times, it may show errors that may annoy you. One of the most common errors in Chrome is ‘Server IP Address Could Not Be Found,’ often accompanied by error code DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. If you’re facing any such issue while browsing in your Chrome, bởi vì not worry. Here, I’ve sầu explained everything about the “Server IP.. Address Could Not Be Found” error, including what it is, what are reasons behind the error, and how one can fix it on their Chrome browser.

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What is the ‘Server IP Address Could Not Be Found’ Error?Reasons For Server IPhường. Address Could Not Be Found in ChromeFix Server IPhường Address Could Not Be Found (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) in ChromeCommon Fixes1. Chechồng Your Internet Connection2. Open The Page In An Incognilớn Window3. Clear Browsing Data4. Restart Your Computer5. Disable VPN và AntivirusBrowser Level Fixes6. Use Different BrowserOn Google ChromeOn FirefoxOn Microsoft EdgeOn Safari7. Clear Chrome Host Cache8. Reset Chrome Flags9. Reset Chrome Settings10. Re-Install ChromeNetwork Level Fixes11. Change DNS ServersOn WindowsOn Mac12. Flush DNS Resolver CacheOn WindowsOn Mac13. Release và Renew IPhường AddressOn WindowsOn Mac14. Restart DNS Client ServiceRestart DNS Client Service Using Commands15. Chechồng Your Local Host FileOn WindowsOn MacFinal Words

What is the ‘Server IPhường. Address Could Not Be Found’ Error?


To underst& what is the hệ thống IP. address could not be found error, we first need lớn understvà how the Internet works. For starters, every website on the Internet hosts its files on a web hệ thống, và every web hệ thống has an IPhường address. We can access the website’s content by typing the IP address of the hệ thống in our address bar.

However, the problem is we humans use names in our day-to-day life. We can not rethành viên the IP addresses for each trang web we want to visit. Unlượt thích humans, computers work differently- they understand only numbers & codes. There is a direct conflict between humans are computers. To solve this problem, DNS (Domain Name System) was introduced in the early 90s.What DNS does is, propagates a tên miền name request to an IP address. When we type a tên miền name in our address bar, we tell our browser to lớn load the nội dung of that website. Once we type the domain name name and hit enter, DNS works in the backkết thúc to lớn sover the request lớn the actual hệ thống, and then our browser loads the content.In this process, whenever a DNS request is not successfully processed either on the server-side or client-side, we see the error server could not be found. The error code DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN indicates the non-existence of the domain name. Now that you have a brief idea about the Server IP Address not found error, let’s take a quiông xã look at the possible reasons why this error occurs.

Reasons For Server IPhường Address Could Not Be Found in Chrome

As mentioned, this error occurs either on the server-side or client-side. Here server-side errors mean the request is not processed from the web VPS itself. There are high chances that the admin of the website you are trying to lớn open has recently changed their IP.. address. The DNS takes 24-48 hours as a propagation time, & within this time period, DNS requests might not reach the newly allocated IPhường address.Other server-side errors include the VPS itself is having an outage or downtime. You can’t vị much if a specific trang web has server-side errors. All you can vì chưng is contact the admin of the trang web and wait until they fix the issue. If you are an admin of a web server, I would like khổng lồ add here we will not be focusing on server-side errors, but we will be mainly focusing on client-side errors as our site is mainly focused on end consumers.There are two possibilities for client-side errors: either browser settings are causing the error, or there is an issue in Network. The network errors might be caused due to outrage from your ISPhường or badly configured network settings. We will be providing the fix for both the browser level problems as well as different network-related problems.

Fix Server IPhường. Address Could Not Be Found (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) in Chrome

Now, there are several fixes available for the error. Some of them are very easy & comtháng while a few of them are advanced related khổng lồ browser & network.

In my opinion, It is always better to lớn start with basic fixes. I have sầu provided five sầu comtháng fixes, followed by five browser-cấp độ fixes & five sầu network-level fixes. If you have already tried some common fixes, you can head over khổng lồ the more advanced fixes.

Comtháng Fixes

1. Cheông xã Your Internet ConnectionThe very fix you should try is khổng lồ check your Internet connection. It might sound pretty comtháng for a geek, but it will be very helpful for a non-techy user. Your next question will be how can I kiểm tra my Internet connection.You can try to open pages of a different trang web or vị a simple Google tìm kiếm. You can also try khổng lồ use the Internet on your other devices. There are other ways lượt thích checking Internet tốc độ or using Terminal or Command line to lớn see whether the trang web is getting pinged or resulting in error.If you find that your Internet connection is unavailable, then you have sầu already find the culprit. Now you can try a different Wi-Fi network, either use your điện thoại Hotspot or connect lớn a different Wi-Fi network(of your neighbors). But in case the Internet connection is working flawlessly, try out the next fix.

2. xuất hiện The Page In An Incognito Window

If a specific trang web is not opening & giving DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error, it might be a caching issue. It’s always advisable khổng lồ try to lớn open the page in a new Incognilớn window.You can easily launch a new incognikhổng lồ window by pressing Shift+Control+N on Windows & Shift+Command+N on Mac. Alternatively, you can tap on the three-dot thực đơn in the top right corner & then tap on the new incognikhổng lồ window.


3. Clear Browsing DataIf the page opens in the incognito window, then it’s confirmed that you are facing the issue because of caching. To clear all cabít và cookies stored on your computer, type or paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the Chrome tìm kiếm bar và clear your browsing data.

4. Restart Your ComputerMinor bugs or glitches in your system can create issues lượt thích DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. So, restart your computer to lớn see if it resolves the issue. I know it might be difficult lớn cchiến bại your computer right in the middle of your work when dozens of tab & multiple windows are open, but yet, it could be worth it.


5. Disable VPN và Antivirus

Most of us use VPN and Antivirut to protecting ourselves on the Internet. It is a good practice, and we should definitely vị it. But on a few occasions, VPN or Antivirut might bloông chồng a website from opening. There might be an issue in VPN, or your Antivirus software may think the trang web you are trying to open might be harmful(even if it’s not).In such scenarquả táo disabling VPN & Antivirut temporarily can be helpful. Just disconnect your VPN và disconnect Antivirut and then open the webpage you were trying khổng lồ open lớn see whether it fixes the issue.

Browser Level Fixes

6. Use Different BrowserChrome is the most popular browser right now. Over 65% of total Internet users it as their default browser. The server IPhường. address could not be found(DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) error occurs in Chrome, but It is not limited lớn just Chrome. There are different variations of the same issue for different browsers.On Google ChromeThe error looks like this on Google Chrome. You will see a message “This site can’t be reached,” followed by the domain name name’s hệ thống IP.. address could not be found. The error code is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.


If you have faced the error on Google Chrome, Use a different browser khổng lồ make sure whether the issue is with Chrome only or you are facing it on other browsers as well. If you are not having any issue on other browsers, then it is a confirmation that the error somewhere in Chrome. But if other browsers are also not able to lớn open website pages, then the issue might be more complex and related lớn your computer’s network settings.On FirefoxThe VPS IPhường. address not found error looks completely different on Mozilla Firefox. It says Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect khổng lồ the server.


On Microsoft EdgeIf you are a Microsoft user the error will look lượt thích this Hmmm… can’t reach this page with a cloud icon.
On SafariOn Apple’s Safari browser, the VPS IP address could not be found error will appear simply as “Safari Can’t Find the Server.”

I will first provide fixes assuming other browsers are working fine and the issue is just in Chrome. But in case the issue is there in other browsers as well scroll down lớn find our fixes for network-related issues.7. Clear Chrome Host CacheEvery operating system stores cabịt, và so does Chrome. It stores a DNS cache of its own. If you use Chrome as your default browser, then It might be useful. To clear the Chrome host cabít, type or paste chrome://net-internals/#dns in the address bar. On the resulting page, you will see an option to clear the host cabịt. Go ahead and clear it.

8. Rephối Chrome FlagsNo one can deny that Chrome flags allow us to enable experimental features. But as it is always the case with experimental features, they might cause errors. I would suggest resetting Chrome flags. Doing so will bring Chrome flags to lớn mặc định settings.To reset Chrome flags, type Chrome://flags in the address bar. On the top right corner, you will see an option to remix Chrome flags. Tap on it. It will bring bachồng all experimental settings lớn mặc định.

9. Rephối Chrome Settings

It’s not just Chrome flags, but a wrong Chrome setting can also break things for you. When trying different fixes resetting Chrome settings can be a working fix. Type or paste chrome://settings/reset in your Chrome’s address bar và complete the remix process. It will bring back all the Chrome settings at the mặc định.

10. Re-Install ChromeEven resetting Chrome settings didn’t help you, the next thing you can try is re-install Chrome. First, uninstall Chrome from your computer và then tải về the installation file from Chrome’s official website. Complete the installation process, & once done, try khổng lồ open websites.

Network Level Fixes

11. Change DNS ServersMost computers use the mặc định IP address of the Internet Service provider. If you are not aware that you can change DNS Servers of your computer khổng lồ a DNS VPS of Google, Cloudflare, you are already missing a huge advantage.The DNS servers of your ISPhường might be fine but using Google or Cloudflare DNS VPS will take your experience lớn the next cấp độ. Changing DNS servers can also help fix the server IP address not found error if it is caused by a fault in your ISPhường DNS Server.On WindowsStep 1: To change DNS VPS on Windows Press Windows Logo key & R then type control panel & hit enter.

Step 2: In the Control panel cliông chồng & network & Internet và then network & sharing center. On the left side of your screen, you will see an option named “Change adapter settings”. Cliông xã on it. Now you will see the active networks on your computer. It will show whether the connection is Wireless or local.
Step 3: In the next step right cliông xã on your active network & you will see an option Properties. Select it.
Step 4: In the properties settings you will see different items find Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) or Version 6 whichever you want. After selecting either IPV4 or IPV6 cliông chồng properties.
Step 5: You’ll now see a box where you can enter the IP address. You will need khổng lồ enter a preferred DNS server và an Alternate DNS VPS. Enter as the preferred DNS hệ thống và as an alternate DNS VPS if you want to lớn use the Google DNS server.If you have selected IPV6, then enter 2001:4860:4860::8888 as preferred và 2001:4860:4860::8844 as an alternate DNS VPS. Lastly, after entering the DNS server, clichồng Ok.

On Mac

Step 1: Go to lớn System Preferences và select Network.

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Step 2: In Network settings click Advanced.
Step 3: Go lớn DNS settings.
Step 4: In DNS settings you will see DNS servers. It will be your current DNS servers provided by the ISP.. Cliông chồng + sign at the bottom & add the DNS hệ thống of Google.
Step 5: As mentioned above sầu in the Windows part, the DNS Server of Google has has preferred IP.. address & as an alternate IP address.

12. Flush DNS Resolver Cache

Similar khổng lồ browser cache operating system also stores DNS resolver cabịt. In the process of fixing the network cấp độ issues we will need to lớn flush DNS resolver cache.On WindowsStep 1: Press Windows Logo key và R and type cmd to lớn open comm& prompt.
Step 2: In the command prompt enter ipconfig /flushdns và press enter. If the process is successful you will see a message “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cabít.
On MacStep 1: Go To Finder and then Utilities. Under utilities find Terminal. mở cửa it.Step 2: In terminal type dscacheutil -flushcađậy and hit enter.

Note: Unlike Windows, you will not see a successful message after successfully flushing the DNS resolver cađậy on Mac.13. Release và Renew IP AddressIf you remember I had mentioned every website server has an IP address. On a similar note, every computer has an IPhường address. As we are facing an issue on our computer we will need khổng lồ try to lớn fix it by releasing and renewing the IPhường address of our computer. Follow the below steps khổng lồ release và renew the IP addresses on Windows & Mac.On WindowsStep 1: To open the comm& prompt press the Windows logo sản phẩm key & R on your computer & search for CMD.
Step 2: Type ipconfig /release & hit enter. It will release the current IP address of your computer.
Step 3: After releasing the IP address you will need lớn renew it. Type ipconfig /renew và press enter. Doing it will renew the IPhường address.

Step 3: Then go lớn TCP/IP. & on the right side you will see Renew DHCP.. Lease. Select it & It will automatically release và renew your IP address on Mac.
14. Restart DNS Client ServiceThis fix is exclusive sầu to lớn Windows. Microsoft added DNS Client Service lately in Windows. It is a built-in DNS client service on Windows-powered machines. The DNS client service sida DNS-related issues when a user browses the web. So lớn fix the server IP address could not be found issue restarting the DNS client service is a great idea.Step 1: Press Windows Logo Key & R and then type services.msc and hit enter.

Step 2: In services, look for the DNS client. Right-cliông xã on it và then press restart. If you bởi vì not see the restart option as clickable, you can vày it using the comm& prompt.
Restart DNS Client Service Using CommandsStep 1: Press Windows Logo key and R và then enter cmd lớn open comm& prompt.
Step 2: Enter these commands “net stop dnscache” “net start dnscache” and run them.Note: Depending on the Windows version you are using, you might see an error message saying, “The requested pause, continue, or stop is not valid for this service.” It happens most likely due to your need to run CMD as a network service. If you encounter the error, leave sầu this fix và try all the other fixes we have mentioned in this article.15. Check Your Local Host FileEach computer contains a local host file. The lost host tệp tin is used to lớn store manual DNS entries that are for specific IPhường addresses. If you change the local host file regularly, the chances are that the site you are trying lớn open is in your local host tệp tin. Follow the below steps lớn go through your local host tệp tin và remove sầu if you find any entries.

On Windows

Step 1: To open the host tệp tin on your computer, you will need additional access. That’s why the very thing you will need to lớn do is to open a text editor on your computer. You can open any text editor as per your choice.
Step 2: In your note editor, click open tệp tin và go khổng lồ “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc” location of your Local disk. mở cửa the host file và see whether the site you are trying to open is not there. If it is, then remove it.

On MacStep 1: To check hosts file on Mac open Terminal.Step 2: In Terminal enter this command “subởi nano /private/etc/hosts” và press enter.
Step 4: Now you can access your host tệp tin. Cheông xã all the enteries and make sure there is no such entry related to the site you are trying lớn open.

Final Words

After explaining almost everything related khổng lồ the VPS IPhường address could not be found error, it’s now time lớn conclude the article. The error is very common. It can happen either on the server-side or client-side. The fixes I have sầu provided apply to the client-side errors. I have provided five fixes, each as comtháng fixes, browser cấp độ, and network level.You can try them và fix the issue. I can comfortably say if the issue is from your side then the guide will help you for sure. Anyways, which fix worked for you? Do let me know in the comments below.
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