VI: Read the following passage & mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the correct answer for each of the questions.

VSO is a registered charity dedicated khổng lồ assisting in developing countries. More specifically, selects và places volunteers in response lớn overseas requests. This work makes it distinctive among other charities and organizations in the UK. It sends people, not money, to that its services are, in effect, entirely complementary to the efforts being made by agencies like Oxfam, Christian Aid & Save sầu the Children Fund with whom it often works directly.

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VSO tries to lớn respond to lớn request from overseas which ask for volunteers. Its bias is firmly towards the poorest members on the community & it takes great care lớn avoid undermining job opportunities for local people. Both staff & volunteers also play a special attention lớn women’s role in development projects. This is because women’s role in child-rearing, in education and community cohesion are essential in any healthy process of change.
Over the past 38 years, more than 21,000 volunteers have worked abroad with VSO. There are now over 1,900 volunteers working in 59 of the less developed countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific & the Caribbean.
The application of each volunteer is carefully considered in order khổng lồ select & interview candidates against each job request from the field, to seek the person with the right blend of skills & personality.
VSO volunteers vị not go lớn developing countries as visiting experts with all the answers. It is always a process of sharing & learning. The aim is that when the volunteer returns home page, there exists a community with a stronger sense of independence và self-reliance… và a volunteer with a new understanding and appreciation of life và people everywhere. The range of jobs required of VSO is wide-reflecting the needs of any society in the modern world.


Cách 1: Clichồng vào chỗ này nhằm ĐK thành viên xemlienminh360.neters

Crúc ý: Clichồng vào nút ít "Tmê man gia nhóm" hoàn thành, các bạn lưu giữ trả lời thắc mắc vào đội và để được chu đáo auto.Nếu các bạn bỏ qua mất bạn cần quay trở về để trả lời thắc mắc vào nhóm.

Bước 2: Cliông xã vào đây để lấy mã cliông xã hoạt.

Cách 3: Điền mã cùng Kích hoạt

Kích hoạt

Đăng cam kết thành công xuất sắc các bạn được xem như giải mã mang lại hồ hết lần truy vấn tiếp theo!

A. is a registered toàn thân.

B. sends financial aid khổng lồ developing countries.

C. sends volunteers khổng lồ help abroad.

D. Recruits volunteers lớn work in Britain.

A. specifically ask for female staff và volunteers.

B. require volunteers to work with local inhabitants.

C. require help & advice for health care.


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need help and advice for health care.

Câu 0. According khổng lồ those who work for VSO, who plays the most important part in bringing about change?

A. charitable organizations

B. volunteers from abroad

C. women in local communities

D. staff who recruit volunteers

A. they give preference lớn applicants living abroad.

B. They give sầu each applicants several interviews.

C. They refer applications lớn countries requesting volunteers.

D. They match all applicants to lớn jobs very carefully.

A. must have experience of working overseas.

B. Will quickly become an expert in the field.

C. will gain more knowledge about the world we live in.

D. must leave the country before it becomes independent.




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