This article describes how you automatically generate a nguồn BI report khổng lồ analyze your Teams activity, in Teams.

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Only you can see this report about your Teams activity, unless you choose lớn tóm tắt it. Teams also offers a summary report for Teams admins. It gives admins an overview of the usage activity in Teams, including the number of active sầu users and channels, guests, & messages in each team.


To view your Teams activity analytics in Teams, ensure these elements:

Sign in khổng lồ the nguồn BI service lớn activate your Power nguồn BI license.

Create the Teams analytics report

Open the nguồn BI ứng dụng in Teams, and select Create.Select Analyze your Teams data.


Power nguồn BI automatically creates your report, displays it in your Power nguồn BI Teams ứng dụng, và saves it khổng lồ your My workspace. The report is yours. As with any of your reports, you can view it in Teams or in the Power nguồn BI service. You can edit it, save a copy of it, or tải về the .pbix tệp tin to edit it in Power nguồn BI Desktop.

Pages in the Teams activity report

The Teams activity analytics report comprises three pages showing different aspects of your activity in Teams.

My activity page

The My activity page shows a summary of your recent activity in Teams. The mặc định time period is the past 31 days, but you can change it lớn show seven, 14, or 90 days instead.

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To see definitions of the fields in the user activity report, see the Teams user activity report article.

Team activity page

The Team activity page lists all the Teams teams you"re a thành viên of, & lists activity in each one, for example, posts & replies, active sầu users, và guests.

Team activity details page

On the Team activity details page, you choose one of the Teams teams you"re a member of, and drill in khổng lồ view its the activities in the past 90 days. The page features a smart narrative visual. It automatically generates the Activity summary, a text description that calls attention khổng lồ notable activity.


View your Teams activity report

After you"ve sầu created your Teams activity analytics report the first time, you can go back khổng lồ it. On the Home tab in the nguồn BI tiện ích in Teams or in the nguồn BI service, you see it listed in Recents.


Refresh your data

Select the Refresh inhỏ in nguồn BI in Teams to lớn refresh the data.


You"ll see the most currently available data in Teams. It"s not a real-time feed. You see a snapshot of the data, which is typically one lớn two days old.

Your recent activity in Teams typically takes one to lớn two days lớn be available in reporting provided by Teams. The report created in Power BI is automatically phối up lớn refresh your activity data from Teams to pull in a snapshot of this data once a day.

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