changes, which may be social, legal, or medical, that lead khổng lồ someone living their life as a person of a different gender lớn the one they were said khổng lồ have sầu at birth:

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If someone transitions, they make changes, which may be social, legal, or medical, that lead lớn them living as a person of a different gender to the one they were said lớn have sầu at birth:
Following changes in taxation laws, the Internal Revenue Service has promised lớn issue guidelines on how to lớn giảm giá khuyến mãi with the transition.
transition from sth (to lớn sth) Government ministers believe that a gentler approach is needed during the transition from a government-led economy to lớn one where the private sector plays the dominant role.

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the transition from sth Financial support, especially for mothers making the transition from welfare khổng lồ work situations, is critical.
make a transition (from/lớn sth) The region is slowly making a transition to lớn a more knowledge-based economy.
a smooth/difficult/tough transition Both sides need lớn work together in order to lớn ensure a smooth transition of power.
manage/achieve/complete a transition How bởi vì you plan lớn complete a transition that is so far-reaching in terms of its targets without compromising the corporate culture?
The refinement step absorbs repeated application of the same rules by performing the sequence of transitions in one single jump.
Scholars of regime change have sầu offered several complementary explanations of the empirical regularity that democratic transitions tkết thúc not lớn result in substantial redistribution.
The sensors are assumed to respond khổng lồ the controller within the time windows khổng lồ confirm that the expected state transitions have occurred.





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