I asked this question khổng lồ one of my friends last weekkết thúc và got the blankest stare. “I don’t have any hobbies” she said. I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or just kidding, but it did raise additional thoughts. What are my hobbies? Can I even consider them as hobbies? Or are they just habits that I’ve sầu grown accustomed to doing over the years?

Life’s a hobby — Joshua Lederberg

This simple conversation led me down this rabbit hole of self-doubt. I started lớn question the importance of having hobbies. Hobbies are meant to be fun, and done out of pure enjoyment. Over time though, the lines between hobbies và fun can become blurred. We get stressed out thinking about the purpose of our hobbies and making time for them that we eventually start to đại bại sight of why they were fun to lớn begin with.

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So this brings us to the question; why are hobbies important? Here are three reasons I think hobbies are crucial khổng lồ our day-to-day lives:

Hobbies keep us well-balanced và interesting.

Having a well-balanced lifestyle is about more than just finding things to lớn occupy ourselves with. Picking up a hobby makes us more chất lượng as individuals & helps to lớn strengthen our self-identities. We become inherently more interesting and as a result, easier to talk lớn and more fun khổng lồ engage in conversation with.

It’s even more important to lớn have sầu a hobby in our world today. With all the stimuli we live sầu with on a daily basis, we have sầu made it increasingly difficult khổng lồ strike up conversation with someone we don’t know. I’m not saying having a hobby makes that problem go away, but it definitely helps break the ice a lot quicker.

This is not only applicable within a social context, but also in our professional careers/working lives. How many times have sầu you been told that one of the keys to lớn a successful interview is lớn show that you have sầu personality? There’s a reason why people say that; it’s because it works.

2. Hobbies help replenish our mental & physical energy.

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There is a finite amount of energy we have sầu on a daily basis. Our brains and bodies are not designed khổng lồ be able to lớn vày everything at once, let alone in a single day. With all the choice that is available to lớn us, it becomes easy lớn get distracted and overwhelmed. Hobbies for leisure provide that escape that we need in order to lớn recharge và gear up for the next mix of tasks we vì chưng.

It’s not uncommon to hear that overloading our lives with a single activity can lead to lớn increased stress & decreased focus. Statistics have sầu shown that 58% of Canadians experience overload in some shape or khung on a daily basis. This leads to lớn negative sầu impacts on our mental health, which in turn affect our overall màn chơi of happiness. Hobbies keep our stresses at healthy levels so that we can still be productive sầu and effective sầu with what we vì chưng.

The team behind the Chasing Sunrise mantra have it absolutely bang-on:

“You were born lớn vị more than just pay bills và die.”

3. Hobbies improve sầu your self-awareness and confidence.

When we take up hobbies, we present ourselves with opportunities to lớn expose our strengths & weaknesses. Now why would we ever want lớn vì chưng that? It’s simple — if we’re only fixated on what we know, we’ll never know what we don’t know. We sometimes fall into lớn the trap of staying within our comfort zones because we don’t want lớn come across vulnerable và unsure; however, I think this way of thinking severely limits our potential to achieve greatness.

As great as I think hobbies are, there is definitely a fine balance that needs khổng lồ be struchồng in order lớn maximize the benefits gained. Like I mentioned earlier in the post, the line between hobbies và fun becomes a bit blurred when we concentrate too much effort on them. The fun starts to lớn dissipate and we longer feel lượt thích doing them. Like all things in life, moderation is important.

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