(especially in the past) a method of sending và receiving messages by electrical or radio signals, or the special equipment used for this purpose:

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khổng lồ communicate a message or impression to lớn someone, or make it clear what you are going lớn vị, often by the way you act:
a method of sending và receiving messages by electric signals that was used in the past, or the equipment used to lớn vị this
Changes in global và national telegraph rates were an important factor in the function and articulation of the information order.
The symmetry reductions thus obtained are compared with analogous results for the continuous telegraph equation.
The telegraph, moreover, falls short not only as regards its promise of tốc độ in transmission; it is notoriously spare in detail.
Once it got overlaid on the map"s magic carpet, the line on paper effaced memory of the telegraph line.
On the one hand, this newly tamed force could power new technologies such as the telegraph and dynamo.
The convention organizers offered many "không lấy phí privileges" including không lấy phí telephone và telegraph service, local transportation, museum admissions và opportunities for food and drink.
The creation of revolutionary broadsheets was spurred by lower telegraph, post, and press rates, và proscription often led to lớn wider circulation.

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It is remarkable that so many symmetries are shared by the continuous và discrete versions of the telegraph equation.
Officials unveiled new monuments, parks, libraries, schools, public lighting, telegraph và telephone lines, pavilions và municipal palaces.
However, even if a quarter of the capađô thị of the multiplex telegraph was to be used, substantial reductions in tariffs across the board were imperative.
With the minor exception of the telegraph, the first electronic means of communication involved the spoken rather than the written word.
For example, nationalisation of the telegraph system (in 1870) & the telephone system (in 1912) may have sầu stymied efficiency by removing the pressure of competition.





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