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Both the light & the dark side of the earth"s satellite shine out into lớn space with shimmering iridescence.
He is accompanied, as before, by the harp, but now the harp"s heavenly associations are reinforced by a halo of shimmering strings.
The writing for the choruses is intricate, mellifluous, và delicate, accompanied with shimmering music in the orchestra.
Verse after verse shimmers with quiet, confident authority; the introduction is described as sparkling.
Stargates appear as a diamond-shaped quartet of brilliant lights that shimmered when a vessel was making transit.
The process is reversed when teleported to the ship: a field surrounds the subject, the subject fades, the field suddenly expands, và the subject shimmers back into the teleport bay.
The sun gleams over the vast sands and sends a myriad of colors inlớn the dawn and evening skies as a rainbow shimmers across the dunes.
The rigour of the geometric composition, which incorporates the principles of the contemporary treatises on perspective sầu, is tempered by an atmospheric rendering of the light with its silvery shimmers.
Her gown had a pattern of colors, but it was not woven; it shimmered, dazzling the eyes, and was indescribable it was not of this world.
The line has on it at about one-metre intervals a hook so designed that it oscillates in the water, causing a sort of shimmer.
Coloration is generally subdued yet complex; under bright lighting, their feathers shimmer with iridescent brilliance.
They are a common cause of grass fires as the heat they expel is hot enough to lớn cause the air around them to shimmer.
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a family consisting of two parents và their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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The icing/frosting on the cake: differences between British và American idioms



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