clean và not dangerous for your health, or protecting health by removing dirt and waste, especially human waste:

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relating to being clean & healthy, esp. lớn the protection of health by the removal of dirt & waste, including human waste:
The specially designed furniture, for instance, và the carefully designed cast-aluminium handles, sanitary fixtures, and light fittings all enhance the overall architecture.
Without sanitary legislation và local nuisance inspectors lớn enforce it, butchers and the other offensive trades17 had no incentive sầu khổng lồ pursue anything other than self-interest.
Here sanitary resize is an unquestionable priority, crucial to the moral & physical wellbeing of the nation"s social body.
They were also furnished with such modern sanitary wares as bathtubs, water clomix, hand washbasin with marble counter top và timber cabinets.
Of their own accord, the state health authorities had already started to lớn take rudimentary sanitary and hygiene measures khổng lồ contain the epidemic.
Within the overall pattern of accelerated late investment, spending on different elements of sanitary infrastructure varied considerably in timing & scale.
Early investment in water without adequate consideration for drainage had its own consequences for later patterns of sanitary expenditure.
In practice, moreover, sanitary improvements contributed lớn the upheaval of the city"s topography & its reconstruction on a grander scale.
Identifying an "active strain of resistance" to lớn infrastructural rekhung, the author claims that the great sanitary transition constituted an "attack on domestic autonomy".
However, sanitary reforms occupied a relatively low place in the agenda of the colonial state during the late nineteenth century.
Lurking just below the surface of these accounts of sanitary progress, there is evidence of opposition lớn the introduction of "destructors".
The marginal zone was hygienically deficient both in the homes và the surrounding areas & also in the sanitary practices of the residents.

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Sanitary screenings of farm-reared birds should preferably include some complete necropsies, for example of casualties, rather than rely exclusively on non-invasive sầu sampling.
On the whole, financial và administrative factors constrained the development of sanitary & public health services on estates.
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