an official who makes certain that the companies who operate a system, such as the national electricity supply, work effectively and fairly

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a person or organization whose job is to lớn control an activity or process and make certain that it operates as it should:
a person or an organization that checks whether a business is working according to official rules or laws:
The companies will have sầu khổng lồ present annual reports to the independent regulator to lớn show what progress they are making in delivering community benefits.
Cost savings are essential if we have lớn live sầu with the 15-20% price cut proposed by the industry regulator.
banking/communications/energy regulator The move was announced by the state"s chief banking regulator.

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Disruption in the expression pattern of one of many cell cycle regulators would have a deleterious effect on developmental potential.
Above sầu all, the influence of international provisions points to the conclusion that regulators can not automatically respond lớn market forces.
The relative high number of independent regulators (for banks, the exchange & other financial institutions) could explain this finding, but not entirely.
Since inspection"s impact on pollution is proportional to plant form size,3 focusing on large facilities is a cost-effective strategy for regulators.
They are designed lớn respond to lớn the multiplication of regulators và their uneven development by coordinating implementation of regulation by member states.
Much is made of agency independence from political pressures; yet, realistically, regulators cannot isolate themselves completely from the broader political environment.
The use of avian blastodermal cells is very convenient for the study of cell-cycle regulators and nucleo-cytoplasmic interactions.
Actual fee levels may vary depending on annual ceilings phối by regulators and business decisions of pension companies.
They see this not simply as a long-term objective but one to lớn be targeted immediately with the regulators charged with actively hastening their own demise.
He calls for accounting, stochồng option, compensation, và an attitudinal transformation on the part of shareholders, directors, and regulators.
Of course, airports vary in details from the point of view of pilots, managers, airport officials, regulators, passengers, their families, smugglers & other users.
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In a domestic pollution problem the policy chosen by the environmental regulator can in principle be enforced, given the legal framework & the informational constraints associated with the problem.
They are represented at nearly every major banking institution, government regulator, consulting firm & financial services institution around the world.





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