khổng lồ find a way in which two situations or beliefs that are opposed to each other can agree và exist together:

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to adjust the way you think about a fact or situation that is opposed to another fact or situation so that you can accept both:
If two people are reconciled, they become friendly again after having argued so seriously that they kept apart:
To reconcile yourself lớn a situation is to accept it even if it is unpleasant or painful, because it cannot be changed:
to lớn compare different financial accounts, amounts, etc. in order to lớn kiểm tra that they add up khổng lồ the same total or to lớn explain any differences between them:
reconcile sth with sth We need lớn reconcile all transactions with the ngân hàng statements & cancelled cheques.
The problem is that each player"s use indirectly interferes with the other"s use and that some arrangement is necessary khổng lồ reconcile both uses.
So how are we khổng lồ understand the aspiration lớn reconcile themes, which have sầu typically been treated as incompatible?
Each differs in some respects from the others, & no attempt has been made khổng lồ reconcile those differences.

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In considering these dimensions, the real and dynamic nature of reconciling work và family life becomes more apparent.
The act of patronising contemporary artists reconciles the conflicting demands of old và new cultures.
In that sense, there is no difficulty in reconciling non-naturalistic forms of evolutionary theory with religion.
Facial expressions, for example, can communicate fear or surprise; a movement of the hand can communicate affection or a desire to lớn reconcile after conflict.
So the majority of works we presented in this article try to reconcile both requirements - automation and high-unique mappings - by adopting semi-automatic approaches.





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