a person who is helped by a mentor (= a person who gives a younger or less experienced person help và advice over a period of time, especially at work or school):

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A senior manager takes a personal interest in the development of a more junior employee, with a view to lớn helping the mentee prepare for a more senior post.

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someone who is given support and advice about their job by a mentor (= a more experienced person who helps them):
It also review research on the implementation characteristics of effective mentoring programmes (frequency of liên hệ, cross-race matching, level of risk of mentee & so on).
It is designed lớn build the business acumen of the mentees và nội dung of information và knowledge between mentee and mentor.
Mentees go on their way towards achieving their goals while mentors receive personal satisfaction & professional growth.
The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a "protg" (male), a "protge" (female), an apprentice or, in recent years, a mentee.
The prime idea was creating an intimidating và somewhat dangerous woman who wields power, with a young & inexperienced mentee under her wing.
It is usually advised that mentors & mentees meet more often in the beginning of the relationship in order lớn establish a good foundation.
Throughout the year, mentors keep in contact with their mentees through email, by holding office hours, và by other means.
Examples of words that are sometimes alleged to lớn be not a word include conversate, funnest, impactful, mentee and thusly.
Speed mentoring is effective due to lớn the fact that the mentee gets lớn experience a number of different interactions in a short space of time.
This new requirement improved the intended diversity in the organization as well as the interaction between the senior manager mentor & the junior manager mentee.
Mentees learn how lớn effectively form và pose questions, seek advice, and practice active listening và concentration.

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The peer mentor may challenge the mentee with new ideas, and encourage the mentee lớn move sầu beyond the things that are most comfortable.
The matching of mentor và mentee is often done by a mentoring coordinator or by means of an (online) database registry.
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