One of my favourite Chinese starters – Lettuce Wraps with pork or chicken, loads of hidden crunchy vegetables in a tasty savoury brown sauce, bundled up in fresh lettuce. Also known as San Choy Bow, it’s arguably the ultimate “just happens lớn be healthy” food in the whole wide world …..

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San Choy Bow – Chinese Lettuce Wraps

The Chinese name for Lettuce Wraps is San Choy Bow which is how it’s written in menus at Chinese restaurants here in Sydney, though the spelling varies widely from place lớn place và I’m yet to find a definitive answer for what the proper spelling is.

I may not know how to spell it, but I vị know you’re going to love sầu them!!

How to make Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps are made with ground / mince meat & vegetable filling with a savoury Chinese sauce spooned inlớn lettuce cups, then wrapped into lớn a roll shape to lớn eat.

For a great Lettuce Wrap, it all comes down lớn the sauce. It takes more than just a splash of soy sauce to make a truly delish Lettuce Wrap.

Get the sauce right and you can pretty much put anything into lớn the filling.

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And it is one of those rare recipes that is genuinely great made entirely vegetarian. I would just as happily scoff down a meat không tính phí version of this as I would a traditional pork version.


What goes in a Lettuce Wrap filling

I don’t think there are definitive sầu rules for what goes in Lettuce Wraps, but the comtháng ingredients I see at Chinese restaurants are:

pork (chicken & turkey are ikhuyến mãi subs)

water chestnuts


After this, things get a bit blurred. Other comtháng ingredients which I’ve sầu included in my recipe are:

Baby corn

Shiitake or other mushrooms


And those that border more towards “Western” Chinese have all sorts of other vegetables in it, like normal corn, capsicum etc.

Make it real with water chestnuts!

If you can find them, I really urge you to lớn use Water Chestnuts. It doesn’t have a svào flavour, but the quality thing about Water chestnuts is the texture.

Even canned, it is crunchy and a bit juicy và it’s a quintessential part of the Chinese Lettuce Wrap experience. ☺️ Nowadays in Australia, they are found in both the Asian section and canned vegetable section of supermarkets (Woolies, Coles etc).


Lettuce wraps are a fantastic quiông chồng and easy meal that also happens to lớn be healthy. In Chinese restaurants, it’s served with crisp Iceberg Lettuce which tends to lớn craông xã when folded. For a more practical option, use soft lettuce leaves like Butter Lettuce or Bib Lettuce (US).

Enjoy!– Nagi x

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San Choy Bow (Chinese Lettuce Cups) recipe video!

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