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The role of the villa might remain the space that enables contemplation lớn become an ethos, và for action lớn become reconciled with poetry.
That is, speakers can draw on the voices of local rationality or the ethos of the family, community, or place.
It is lớn be the sun from which the college radiates, as well as the centre inlớn which its energy, wisdom và ethos are condensed.
However, what counts as knightly is interpreted through the individualist, small business-oriented professional ethos of dentistry.
It meant opting for and cultivating a positivistically orientated scientific ethos, for an emancipation from the ethos of the tiệc nhỏ soldier.
As prenatal testing became more widely available, the ethos of genetic counselling began lớn in-uence attitudes towards how decisions should be made.
First, the professional ethos of dentistry is that of the autonomous clinician directly engaged with the patient.
In other words, its fundamental assumptions & ethos were consonant with those of the wider society which surrounded it.
Currently this differentiation is not apparent in our ageing services và that absence reflects an exemplary egalitarian ethos in the system.
He quickly demonstrated great fluency in the charitable ethos of caring for the displaced & unfortunate.
Even the initiation rituals continued khổng lồ include an emphasis on fertility và generational succession rather than on warrior ethos.
It also suggests that this sort of thing is not part of the contemporary ethos that focuses on the individual và not the community.

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A definite change had occurred between the ethos of the court prevailing in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s & that which prevailed in 1986.
Second, social groups are influential through the ethos, attitudes & styles of behavior that characterize them.
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