He argued that morality could be conceptualized (= thought about) as a series of principles based on human reason.

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Doctors must have sầu a broad conceptualization of end-of-life care and the legal issues that tư vấn it.
Then, the ontologist conceptualizes the terms and analyses the uses of the term in the corpus lớn define all the meanings of the term.
The developmental psychopathology approach allows us khổng lồ conceptualize and compare aggressive và self-injurious conditions in terms of developmental timing & course trajectories.
The labour of the male artist is integral khổng lồ his tài khoản, which is richly contextualized, beautifully conceptualized, và precisely documented.
We have sầu demonstrated the process used to conceptualize và develop the tên miền ontology & identified the resources.
In this view, what an agent intends depends on how the agent conceptualizes her action, specifically, on what she says she was aiming at.
Two existing models are used to lớn conceptualize the constrained and limited participation in the communist system.
But such adjustments did not necessarily overturn the broad, theoretical assumptions with which experts and officials conceptualized the problems of agricultural development.
Analogies are useful in problemsolving if the practitioner is able khổng lồ conceptualize which elements of the new problem correspond to elements of the old one.
State preferences with respect khổng lồ substantial policies were conceptualized as singlepeaked preferences & obtained in five sầu steps.
It is typically conceptualized as an ancillary deficit, that is, as a factor that masks the child"s understanding of object permanence.
In connection with their social-emotional deficits, autistic children often have difficulty conceptualizing how pieces fit together inlớn a meaningful whole.
The business of being a human being is conceptualized, experienced, managed, và lived through in radically different ways.
Thus, it has been illustrated that the two situations, potential development và development that has taken place, should be conceptualized and managed separately.
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a family consisting of two parents và their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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