Therapist Jean Holloway develops dangerous and intimate relationships with the people in her patients' lives in this simmering psychological thriller.

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Growing restless with married suburban life, Thành Phố New York therapist Jean Holloway develops a furtive sầu fascination with a patient's ex-girlfriover.


As "Diane" & Sidney get khổng lồ know each other, longtime patient Claire grates on Jean's nerves, and new patient Allison slips inkhổng lồ a downward spiral.


Jean surprises Michael with a date night in the đô thị. Baông chồng in Connecticut, Dolly's birthday buổi tiệc nhỏ creates new tensions with the power moms.

While deepening her bond with Sidney, Jean uncovers the truth behind Rebecca's move and goes above and beyond lớn help a distressed Allison.

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Michael grows suspicious of Jean's new secretive streak, Sidney's frustrations boil over, và a visit lớn Rebecca's new home page triggers a revelation.

After an intense night out with Michael, Jean finds her secret identity at risk once again. A surprise visitor adds khổng lồ mounting pressures at work.

While Michael and Alexis throw back drinks at a hotel bar in Texas, Jean clears her schedule khổng lồ prepare for the "full Sidney experience."

The office rumor mill stirs up trouble for Michael. A request from Claire backs Jean into lớn a corner. Sidney takes a defiant step.

Jean realizes a patient has been lying to lớn her. As Dolly rehearses for her play, Jean contends with her disapproving mother & an impatient Sidney.

Jean's worlds begin khổng lồ collide as Sam celebrates his engagement, Michael makes a troubling discovery and a figure from the past reappears.

Naongươi WattsBilly CrudupSophie CooksonKarl GlusmanPoorna JagannathanBrooke BloomLucy BoyntonMelanie LiburdBrendomain authority VaccaroMaren HearyBlythe Danner
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