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The newspaper reports of the discussion only roughly approximated to (= were not exactly the same as) what was actually said.

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the approximate amount/cost/number The final resulting figure is the approximate amount for which the home should be insured.
approximate lớn sth To secure the company, it is having to pay a price approximating to half its present market capitalization.
An advantage of such constructive approaches is that they may suggest algorithmic approaches for approximating the resulting integral.
The age distribution for migrants approximated a normal distribution & the ages of positive migrant individuals was not significantly different from this distribution.
An ontology indirectly reflects this commitment (và the underlying conceptualization) by approximating these intended models.
The actors are happy with their scripts, and the performances themselves tover lớn lead khổng lồ something approximating "optimal challenge".
Alternatively, the information can be summarized, approximated or otherwise processed on its way up the tree khổng lồ reduce the information load.
Of course, supplementary variables can be continuous, but they can be approximated by variables with a phase-type distribution.
The parameterisation concerns the generalised coordinates that are approximated using cubic splines.
The biped joint coordinates are approximated by cubic splines functions connected at uniformly distributed knots along the motion time.
The curve sầu approaches a plateau value which approximates the absolute percentage of the merozoites which were invasive at the start of the invasion assay.
The version discussed is the classical version of this mechanism, assuming that the fixed charges are distributed & can be approximated as a smeared layer.
However, the total scattered distribution f s is not very well approximated by f in shape at early times nor in amplitude at all times !
Ensembles are probably the class of algorithms which best approximates our conditions for adjudication.
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